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Flaws that go for every other network provider as much as they do for O2. The first is to do with the way the signal is measured. It tends to be calculated as a radius around the mast, taking into consideration the contours of the landscape hills block signal. What it doesn't do is actually measure anything indoors, where you might not only be blocked partly by especially thick walls, but also by any large buildings between your location and the mast. If you want to be absolutely sure, invite someone round to your house who's with O2 and see what their signal is like. The second flaw is to do with the 'population' part of that measure.

It means coverage is heavily weighted towards built-up areas, and that means that the further away you are from those built-up areas the less likely you are to get a workable signal. You can use giffgaff's O2 network coverage checker to get an idea of how strong the signal is where you live.

Check giffgaff coverage. We admire giffgaff very much.

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It's a company that decided to do things differently. Not only do its systems work, not only does it have a lot of very happy customers, but the savings it makes by not having all that additional infrastructure are actually passed back to its customers. Giffgaff is one of our favourite providers and we would not hesitate for a second in recommending it.

Vodafone is a multinational telecoms provider centred in London, with operations in 21 countries around the globe. It is the third largest telecommunications provider in the world. The Vodafone name comes from voice, data, fone. It is in the process of rolling out its 4G network across the UK, and now also offers Vodafone Connect — a home broadband and phone service.

Once you enter your postcode, Cable. This ensures you receive accurate information on the availability of providers and packages in your area. Your information is safe with us.

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Save time, effort and most importantly money on your next iPhone with the below deals. To that end, a pay monthly contract will spread the cost, and make paying more manageable. Equipped with a 5. The iPhone XS is still an incredible phone with an amazing level of performance, decent battery life and one of the best camera systems ever on a phone. You won't find much better on the market - but as a result, it comes with a hefty price tag.

As a result, we recommend a pay-monthly contract - it will spread the cost of the phone, making it far more manageable. It the same excellent camera system, super-powerful A12 chip and FaceID facial recognition software, but has an amazingly large and vibrant 6.

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Here's some deals we've picked out:. The iPhone X - pronounced 'ten', by the way - isn't Apple'es newest phone, but it's still one of the best. It sports a stunning edge-to-edge AMOLED screen, facial recognition tech, and some ultra speedy processors… but it isn't cheap to buy outright.

We recommend a pay-monthly contract deal to make the cost of this amazing phone more manageable. A plan with a chunky data allowance will give you plenty of scope to use it as much as you want. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, rocking features like wireless charging and iOS Both phones are available with either 64GB or GB capacities. Check our our pick of the best iPhone 8 64GB deals below:. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released in September Thanks to an improved design, these iPhones that are water resistant, and they've got better cameras than their predecessors.

Deal-wise, you'll want a plan with plenty of data so you don't have to hold back on using this wonderful phone. If you're looking at buying the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus then we recommend that you go for a plan that allows you to get the most out of the handset. We recommend a large data allowance so you can enjoy watching movies and videos on the device. These deals are great because not only do you get lots of data, you'll also get unlimited calls and texts, so you can talk all month to your heart's content.

The upfront costs aren't high, and even the monthly costs are reasonable considering you'll be getting the latest iPhone with tons of data.

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To get a lower monthly cost on an iPhone, you may have to compromise on your monthly allowance. The amount of data and calls offered here, however, isn't bad at all - well worth it, in our opinion.

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Log out. Model: 64GB. Colour: Space Grey. Out of stock. Overview Specification Reviews Warranty.

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Buy now. Innovative Technology. TrueDepth Camera. All-New Design. Intuitive Gestures. Secure Authentication. Facial Mapping. TrueDepth Camera Front facing. Forward thinking. Portrait Mode Selfies. Portrait Lighting. Improved Cameras. Dual OIS. Optical Zoom. Neural Engine. Faster CPU. Adaptive Recognition.

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