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Try to beat that. My first order was a groupon which went fine; the wine quality was actually not bad for the price. I then ordered a number of bottles off the website that were on sale. I received an email confirming what I had ordered. When the shipment arrived, all the wines were different. I had ordered mostly white wine and what arrived was red.

When I called, the agent told me my selections had been substituted because what I ordered was not in stock.

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He said I would not be able to get the wines I actually ordered, even though when I ordered them they showed as "in stock" and I even received a confirmation email and shipping email with the wines I had selected. I took the credit, although I am still annoyed I didn't receive any of the wines I ordered and I wish someone had told me all my wines were being substituted so I could have canceled the order altogether.

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With so many other wine company options available this was the last order I will place with Wine Insiders. Placed my order over 10 days ago, I called customer service and they told me they are still packing the bottles - 10 days later?? Then they tell me they don't have the bottles in stock that they already charged me for. Would never order from this company again!!! I placed an order for 24 bottles of wine for an upcoming event and only received 9 of the bottles.

When I called, I was told I would get a tracking number in 24 hours. I was also told by the customer service rep that they received an overwhelming number of calls for the same thing Over sold wine while fully charging my credit card for wine not in stock. I had been purchasing wine from them for years, but no more. I don't like being mis-lead and lied to.

Disclosure- haven't even tasted the wine yet but The prices that the Wine Insiders claim are retail prices are quite a bit higher than what I have researched them to be. Retail prices are in line with the selling price on Wine Insiders prices- so you really aren't saving much. I did not get the wine opener as well. I'll have to see what customer service states. I think I'm a one and done unless the wine knocks me out and I continue ordering. Ordered off Brad's Deals, case shipped plus free air pressure opener.

Never Again!!! Be Aware of Groupon... - Elk Creek Vineyards

Arrived fairly quickly but no opener as promised. Checked order, it was listed. Called right away and was told by customer noservice that they could not help, they only take orders outside m-f Called back Monday was told it should be in the case, where exactly would there be room in a sealed case of wine for a hidden oversized opener?

Then was told it was a distributor error but they could not send it alone. I could order more or have a discount off future full priced orders. Was told I want to just send back the case as part of the satisfaction guarantee.

Wine Review

She said fine. I guess sending a case of wine twice because of your error is better business than completing the order as promised to a new customer. As I waited for the return label to be sent I was called again. They are now willing to send the opener but it will take a few weeks. So the fragile wine that required a signature was sent in 48 hours but the bottle opener takes several weeks?

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  • My guess is that you ran out and don't expect customers to be annoyed. Horrible customer service either way. Can't rate the wine as its all going back but researched a couple and the reviews are very mixed. Don't expect a responsive customer service team from this site. I wanted to redeem a Groupon and I had a question about the sales tax I was being charged. My question was ignored. I probably never will order from this company again, but I will reserve my decision until I see what they ship me. From some of the other reviews, it could be real low quality and not what was expected red vs white.

    First time ordering from Wine Insiders. My package was damaged in shipping they use Fed Ex as their carrier. I WAS in fact notified of the damage. However, was NOT notified my package was sent back to shipper. I have Been waiting at home to sign for my wine. After talking to Fed ex and then calling Wine Insider's customer service.

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    I was told my package had been sent back. I was Not given this notification. The man Shawn in customer service felt the need to explain to me in an extremely condescending tone how to use tracking info. As if I walked straight out of a cave. He told me it was my responsibility to call Wine Insiders back and request a new shipment since my first order was damaged.

    Travel Hacks: How to Pack Wine Without a Wine Suitcase

    I was under the impression all of this would've been handled by them since I'm a paying customer. Or at the VERY least, been told my package had been sent back, instead of wasting my day off waiting around at home for the package. I asked if this info is listed under their customer service potion on the Wine Insiders site, he said no.

    Groupon Barefoot Wine - 3 Pack — Wine on Sale

    So, I guess I should start learning Telepathy. He told me when I got off the phone my wine would be here in 3 business days. Guess I better clear my schedule now to begin the waiting process again. I've been getting wine from Wine Insiders not their club for a couple of years now I belong to two other clubs. I've never paid shipping for wine insiders, which I love. I've been able to try out good wines from all over the world, which I may never have done if I went to the local wine shop.

    I've been able to reorder wines I like when they have specials at reasonable prices. I can get sparkling wine which you rarely get with other wine clubs. When I first started with them, when they sent me the wrong wine, they simply sent me the right wine. I think they've probably changed that policy now, since I got a wine credit when there were two bottles missing from my case.

    My only beef with them is that when I called recently to get a credit for a wine we didn't like, is that if you purchased it more than 6 months ago, "satisfaction guaranteed" no longer applies!

    source We live in Texas, so don't order wine during the summer. We order plenty during the winter to make it through until October. So, how do I keep track of what we ordered and when? This rule they have is in their "Terms and Conditions" section-the fine print. So, the perfect wine company ruins their rating with their fine print. This hasn't stopped me from getting their wine.

    So 5 stars for their wine quality and price point and 1 star for their "satisfaction guaranteed" policy. Amazing wines, great value, and they ship free. Like, I was so sick of getting the same wines at the store but now everyone thinks I'm a wine god.