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Ventilation and the ability to stand up inside are other considerations you might need to think about. The Heimplanet Fistral is one of the smallest inflatable tents on our list. That is because it is meant to be used by no more than two people — at least according to the manufacturer. In actual sense, this is a tent more suited for a solo camper or anyone who does not like the idea of sharing their tent space. You will not find a tent that takes lesser time to set up than this inflatable tent. With this model, you can kiss goodbye to the days of pulling your hair as you figure out which is the right way to pitch.

All you need to do is connect your pump to the tent valve and hey presto, job done! From then on, setup becomes a breeze and will usually take you no more than two minutes max.

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Despite its compact size, the Heimplanet Fistral inflatable tent provides plenty of space for you and your valuables. There are two vestibules to fit your essentials including cooking equipment , with a hook at the top to hold your light. The inflatable tent is constructed from high-tenacity polyester fabric quality which guarantees both stability and longevity. And its waterproof properties make this inflatable tent a perfect choice for when the weather is wet.

If by bad luck you happen to puncture the fabric, the Heimplanet Fistral inflatable tent comes with a quick repair kit with everything you need to patch up the hole. On the downside, the Heimplanet Fistral does not come with an air pump, so you have to purchase this separately if you do not own one already. The tent also does not come with a groundsheet. If you are looking for variety with regard to air pitch tents best suited for an individual or two, we believe you will find the Nemo Morpho 2-Person Tent a great alternative.

This tent especially shines on the hiking and backpacking front. If you are wondering what inflatable tent would be ideal to take with you on the trail, not many can hold a candle against this tough little guy. Which interpreted another way means the Hamburg-based startup put quite an amount of effort and consideration into the design of this model. Despite its small size, The Cave has an amazing stability which can be traced to its geodesic structure that gives it the ability to withstand strong winds. Its shape which resembles a spider is makes it an obvious go-to choice for those looking for an inflatable tent for expeditions.

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It is roomy more than it probably appears, a hallmark we have come to associate with offerings coming out of the Hamburg stable. Inflating this tent takes less than a minute , not so much because of the size but due to the fact that the frame, inner and outer tent expand all at once. As well, its multi-chamber feature allows the tent to stay inflated even when one section deflates. A pump is not part of the standard package and has to be purchased separately. The one upside worth noting in this regard is that the tent can be inflated using any standard pump, which should be good news for bike owners.

If you are looking for an inflatable shelter that can accommodate a family of four to six, the Moose Outdoors family tent series is a worthy consideration. This range of tents comes in sizes sizeable enough to sleep four to six.


Each of these tents is constructed using Qwik Frame technology which makes them extremely easy to inflate and pitch. The four-person version features three separate pumping points, each for the three separate air beams it comes with.

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While it is possible to get the tent up and ready in a matter of minutes, some will bemoan the lack of a single valve which would undoubtedly offer more convenience. The Mouse Outdoors inflatable tent for 4 has two doors: a full mesh door on the front and a side door with a canopy extending out for coverage. Overall, the high ratings in the waterproof, UV protection, and fire resistance departments makes this tent the go-to choice for those occasions when you may find yourself in extreme conditions or climates.

The interior of the tent features storage compartments where you can keep your everyday carry essentials like your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone etc. What else you will appreciate about this tent is that it is roomy all round, including a full stand-up height that should accommodate tall individuals comfortably. The Moose Outdoors 6-Person model is no different, save for the obvious fact that it can sleep more people.

This makes it an excellent choice for families or groups of friends who want to share a tent. The 6-Person tent does not have a lot of mesh which makes it more suited for cooler and wetter surrounds. The floor in the living area is not sewn in, meaning it is removable. However, this is not the case with the two sleeping compartments whose floors are completely sealed. The Scottish camping gear specialists have completely revolutionised inflatable tent technology.

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In fact, every brand that popped onto the scene later was, to some extent, borrowing a leaf from Vango. The company has a stunning array of tents that continue to impress with regard to tech implementation and design. And the cool part is Vango has made sure to serve the market with a tent for every budget. One such tent that makes it to our list of top inflatable tents is the Vango Odyssey Air tent for 5 people, aka the Odyssey Air This is accentuated by the Airzone technology feature which allows the user to regulate heat levels inside the tent.

You can increase airflow by leaving the front and mesh doors ajar, and the sleeping areas are visually separated allowing for privacy. Those of us who struggle catching sleep in bright conditions need not worry as the tent has inner liners which block the light out, allowing you to enjoy a good nap even in the daytime.

Amazing Inflatable Outdoor Camping Tent by Moose Outdoors Review

The Vango Odyssey Air inflatable tent features storage pockets for stashing your valuables without the need to purchase extra storage. It is also fitted with lantern hanging joints, as well as cable entry and tidies, all which come as standard. Pitching the tent takes roughly 8 minutes, and a hand pump is included as part of the package.

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  • The AirBeam inflatable tent packs away into a large strap bag. On the downside, this waterproof tent is a bit heavy 17kg which makes it unsuitable for backpacking. But if you intend to use it for camping, this should not be a problem. Air beam tents can be inflated in a matter of minutes! Pitching time takes only 3 — 10 minutes depending on the size of the air tent.

    The inflatable tent range is a very smart choice, providing options for anyone that has struggled with tent poles or tent pitching. The air beam tents quick pitching traits make it the ideal candidate for festival and family camping. Our current range of Vango Airbeam tents includes the smaller berth air tents all the way up to the Vango Illusion which sleeps an incredible 8 people. Call us 20 32 20 Items: 0. Next day delivery if ordered before 1pm. Back Camping Air Tents. Show 9 15 30 All per page.