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A wireless employee took the IMEI and activated the device for the commission money and it took David approximately three months to have it restored once it was blacklisted. But never put it on the web, like in an eBay or Craigslist listing. A criminal persuades someone to activate multiple lines with a carrier and take several phones.

Meanwhile the criminal sells the phones, all with clean IMEIs, through eBay, Craigslist or wherever and makes a tidy profit. The buyer only finds out 45 to 60 days later when the payment is defaulted, and their new phone gets blocked. Most places offer a day returns policy. With PayPal, you have 45 days to dispute. We recommend making purchases with a credit card, as you can dispute charges if the phone ends up being blocked. The top three carriers in the U. It appears this is a major problem, and no one wants to be held accountable. An industry-wide effort to pool resources and share data on phone status in real time would undoubtedly reduce the risk for the phone-buying public.

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Unlock a Bad IMEI Phone That’s Blacklisted, Blocked or Stolen

Bosch will test its A. Here are all the new features 2 days ago. Anyone know if I can fix this or just transfer to another plan? I found a iphone6plus and it is blacklisted. It is from Canada no way to contact owner,. I tried. So want to use it can I locked and blacklisted I found out. Take it to police tell them where you got it. Trust me it is very real. So I bought a cricket LG Stylo and broke 3 months later through the charging port.

I got it fixed 2 weeks ago and reconnected it to my cricket service. Apparently it had been reported stolen. MetroPCS did apparently as it said on the blacklist. They just gave me an iPhone 6 plus but when I turn it on it says the phone has been stolen. Please help. I bought a iphone5s the imie is blacklisted and locked to i cloud what can I do to change the imei and icloud lock seller is not reachable.

But I was told it was financed through Sprint, but neverather active with them. It has a good IMEI, but doesnt have a phone number attached to it. What am I able to do with it? I have not attempted to activate it or even plugged it in yet, what are any options i may have? I travel internationally alot, but do not want to sell the phone.

If i use pre-paid SIM cards will I be able to make calls? I have a i phone 5 SE locked to a Rogers network! Then 6 months later when we broke up she called into Rogers and black listed my phone that I owned way befor I went on her family plan contract through roger!!! Can I still unlock my phone? What can I do????? Please please please!!! I bought a Iphone 6 in Canada from a person. All of sudden the IMEI was blacklisted.

I read all verizon phones are unlocked. Thats what it says on the website. I have a blacklist phone that was given to me and you cant even use it on straight talk. This will bar it from being used on most domestic carriers including prepaid ones.

You have 2 options:. Make sure to select that you will let eBay fulfill the order to international countries. Who do you call and get it working again?

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How can she use this on straighttalk service and get it out the lost and stolen? Any help will help! Who would she contact to pay to get it unlocked or whatever and how much does that normally cost? However, a month later the carrier added the phone to the blacklist saying that the original owner are behind on her payments. I called the carrier and they said unless the original owner are up to date with her payments they will not remove it from the blacklist.

Apparently the carrier REP told me that lots of people apparently also sell their phone then report it as stolen afterward as well. The carrier should go after that person through other means like collections to get it back not add the phone to blacklist. Is there a list of countries that this phone would still work in? Some people on another forum that I read said that it may have been international blacklist now, not national like it used to be.

When I got the shipment I realized that a 5th phone was in there.

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The receipt in the box had nothing about the 5th phone on there. What can I do with the extra phone? Is it able to be unlocked? I bought a T-Mobile galaxy s7 edge brand knew and I check T-Mobile website and it was lost or reported stolen. Is there anyway I can unlock it and reuse it on a different network.

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I bought phone off eBay store 8 months ago. Worked perfectly till yesterday when it was blocked by my T-Mobile carrier. Who waits 8 months to report it stolen and in a day and age that everything is electronically managed how do multiple companies with an agreement as Verizon sprint and T-Mobile do, not see instantly that this is contracted to another person on another network that is not free to sell it. They cant tell me why after 8 months exactly the reason, stolen or nonpayment, because its not my account.

After 8 months I feel like its more a scam by major cell phone carriers than by the eBay seller with transaction history. I have locked iCloud on a iPhone 6s Tmobile and they made a trade with me and I searched up the IMEI and it says blacklisted in order to activate idk if it is actually stolen in trying to activate it. I bought a iphone6s the imie is blacklisted what can I do to change the imei seller is not reachable.

I just bought a Verizon iPhone 6 Plus yesterday and I checked the iemi and it was clean but about 6 minutes later when I got home it was reported stolen.. Do you think I can still connect it with cricket? No take it to the police and make a report. You been had.

Now go to police and tell them where and from whom you got that phone. It can be activated on straight talk in 5 minutes with full capability and on lte. You will be on immediately. I just did this to my 6plus that I bought from someone.


Not always true. Help pls.. Clean the imie? Or anything?

Paid ESN/IMEI Cleaning Services

It was stolen by some high school punk. IMEI Hi i have this samsung galaxy s7 that i bought online that is blacklisted, i was wondering where can i get it unblacklisted? Also, does the phone being blacklisted makes it have a bad imei? Please answer my question.