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The ring commands can be accessed by right clicking yourself on the map; the ring commands include: In order, starting from the top, in a clockwise direction: My Camp: Under Construction Private Shop: Allows you to set up your own shop in towns to sell your items. Head Notice: Allows you to leave a message bubble on top of your character.

Hotkey: H Instant Chatting: Allows you to open a instant chatting window. Trickster is a 3-D point and click game; monsters roam around on the map and you can attack them by clicking on them, and use offensive skills by pressing an assigned hotkey and then clicking on a target. There are two types of monsters: Aggressive and non-aggressive passive. Aggressive monsters will attack you whenever you roam too close and chase you around for a while if you run, and non-aggressive monsters will leave you alone, and wont fight you unless you attack it.

Be careful around aggressive monsters and try not to get killed. When you first create a character, it'll ask you to assign 'points' to these four categories: Power, Magic, Sense and Charm.

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You have a total of 10 points to assign, and the maximum you can put on ANY category is 4. Also, you MUST put 4 on the category in which your character belongs to e. Power types must have 4 power, magic types must have 4 magic, etc. What this 'point allocation' does is that every time you level up, you will get a status boost. This tells the game what stats get boosted and by how much each stat gets boosted.

Refer to the Stat and Skill Builds section for more info. Hit Rate AC - Controls the accuracy of physical melee and damage for guns. Magic Ability MA - Controls damage done by magic attacks. Magic Defense MD - Controls damage taken when hit by a magic attack. Luck LK - Controls critical hit probability and gun hit rate. Defense Points DP - Controls damage taken when hit by a physical attack.

Hit Evasion HV - Controls the probability of dodging a physical attack. Every time you level, all of these categories will receive a slight boost depending on how many points you put on each major category when you created your character. If have 4 power, for example, you will receive 4 points to all the power subcategories AP AC and DX when you level up, causing them to each level up once per level. Yes, all the sub categories are leveled and for every 4 points they level once. The values of HV, LK, DA and MD are raised once for every 4 levels they get that's once for every 16 points , and DX starts with a value of 10 and gradually decreases slowly as it levels, and you will attack faster as it decreases.

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In addition to this passive boost, every level you get 4 'bonus points', with which you may put into ANY sub-category you desire to further level them. Told ya it was unique and complex.

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Rather than getting all your level-able skills, you have to purchase them, using galders. TM points are needed to learn the skill. TM points are given to you everytime you TM level, and galder is the currency for Trickster. You gain TM experience in a myriad of ways: doing quests, killing monsters, drilling, card battles, etc. The card disappears, and you learn the skill at the cost of some TM points.

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Most if not all non-passive skills can be leveled to level 10, and then mastered. When you master the skill it'll cost some TM points as well as require some items. You need to talk to your skill master to master a skill. I will list the items required for maxing skills in the Classes and Skills section of the guide. An exception to this is charm type characters, they can also gain TM EXP whenever the monster does a 'miss' to them. In trickster, you can use drills to drill on any non-town map and find buried treasure.

The stuff you find can be galder coupons, quest items, equipment, potions, and even cards but very rare. How well you drill depends on your level of sensibility DA , and different types of drills work better on specific types of soil, and some drills will not work on some types of soil if the soil depth is over the depth limit of the drill.

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Drills can be bought in any item shop and are equipped like any other piece of equipment, it has a lifespan and must be replaced when it's worn out, but even better than the items you find is that you get EXP both base and TM from digging, even if you don't find any items. In the course of your gaming experience on Trickster, you'll come across cards. These cards may be acquired in quests, dropped by monsters, bought in stores, and so on. The cards menu may be accessed in game by pressing the "C" key, and is divided into 5 categories: Skill, Character, Monster, Rare, and Etc.

Skill cards are obtained when you purchase a skill from your skill master, and can be used via double clicking to learn that skill given that you have the required amount of TM points. Character cards are obtained from finishing quests, and are used for card battles; and monster cards are dropped by monsters, and are also used for card battles. As for rare and etc. I'm assuming that the cards mentioned are the 'rare' cards, and I have no idea what the 'etc. To play in a card battle, right click on a player you wish to challenge and choose the 'card battle' option.

The C has to be capitalized or it will NOT work You need at least 5 different cards to join a card battle, once you join you have to choose 5 cards, and one of the players will choose the type of rules there's 2 types, completely opposite in nature , and then the battle begins. You just choose a card and your opponent will do the same, and you'll compare the cards to see who wins based on the rules chosen. You'll do this until you've used all 5 cards, and then the game will count who got the most points in this match and that person will be the winner.

You will receive EXP points for card battling, but be warned, sometimes you'll lose some cards. The amount of exp each party gets is different, dependent on the type of party and the amount of people in the party. The following are the four different types of party: TYPE: The party is made up of 4 - 6 members that are the same type i. The group has 4 or 5 members of the same type, but there is also a member that is of a different type.

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The group is a full party of six. It's possible to get a maximum of 2. One more thing about partying is that there's a bulletin you can use to request a party or request members for a party. This way you can get a party going easily and be able to train really fast. When you're training, make sure to get yourself a good party! That about covers it for the different systems for Trickster Online , now onto the next part. For example, a fox sense type will become an assassin type character and get assassin type skills at the second job, relying mainly on sensibility DA for damage, while a lion also sense type will become a gunner type character and get gunner type skills at the second job, relying on Hit Rate AC for damage.

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So, make sure you read this, know what you want to be, and choose correctly. If anyone has any accurate information regarding the skill mastering items, please contact me by email and tell me what you know, thank you. Before I describe the classes and skills, I've gotta put this here to make both our lives easier. They don't have it I hope.

This is a list of Japanese skill names to English skill names comparison. So if somewhere in my guide you see a skill you do not recognize, refer to this section and find the English name for that skill. If you like close range power hitting, this is the class for you. The easiest class to train at the beginning; and the cost to maintain training pots, new equips is fairly low.